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Status: New

Rate Browser is very helpful in the Order View to check on the cheapest rate. However, it is missing from the Scan View, so you have to individually select each option and wait for it to load until you find the cheapest option. Having the Rate Browser available in the Scan View would save a TON of time.


Even better yet, the ability to create a rule based on a requested shipping method (i.e. standard) that auto-selects the cheapest rate, which can be changed if necessary.

Occasional Contributor

We have the exact same use case and would love to have the rate browser on the Scan to Print view as well!


We have been back and forth with our shipstation rep about rate shopping labels and it's been years with no roll out yet. However, we started using string ( and it has made such a big difference in saving both time and money. Should def check the out.