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First-timer (legacy)
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Whenever we activate Saturday Delivery, all our 2-day orders are auto opted for this option. This includes orders placed from Monday- Friday. We then have to manually opt-out of Saturday delivery throughout the week. Can we set a criteria option for Thursday orders only? It will save a lot of time!
First-timer (legacy)
AGREED! I now have a reminder to turn it one Wed afternoon and turn off Thurs at 2 pm.
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100% AGREED! Why would there be an automation rule (ie "add Saturday Delivery") when it causes all orders to become un-automated for all days of the week but Thursday? The whole point of automation is to remove manual operations. Not being able to say "only on Thursday" makes this either a) a manual change on thursdays to add the option or b) a manual change all other days of the week to remove the option.


I request this be enhanced too, sooner rather than never. Saturday Delivery is only important past wed. I also do not see any way to toggle the Saturday Deliver radio OFF with automation. So, start there at least.