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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Ability to Scan and Verify the UPC code of the product get shipped for the individual order. So, this will eliminate the WRONG item being shipped and Wrong Quantity being shipped. Also "Ship Order" button activates only when the right product(s) is scanned and right quantity is scanned for the order. Products that does not come with UPC may be shipped by manually entering item SKU in the barcode scan field.
First-timer (legacy)
And do this with the shipstation mobile app. Mobile app uses camera on smartphone to scan the barcodes on the items as they are packed....and deprecates inventory account in shipstation at the same time. Not hard, all smartphones have cameras and can scan upc barcodes.
First-timer (legacy)
We are going to leave Shipstation in 2018 if this is not implemented. As we are finding SS becoming irrelevant for required necessary elements. Its beyond crazy that we have the capability to do this and there is no ETA for implementation. What is going on at SS? The 3rd party APP that integrates is extortion at $50 per user.
First-timer (legacy)
Please implement this feature. It would really help our fulfillment.
First-timer (legacy)
We'll join the chorus of those needing this feature. It seems like such an easy thing for you to implement and would greatly enhance the usability (value) of your software. Many of us face the issue of needing a way at picking/packing to verify that the correct items are being shipped.
Occasional Contributor
This topic has more votes that any other idea. I guess "voting" for an idea really means nothing. You haven't even responded to the request since 6/13/2017. This is very disappointing from a software company that many of us rely on. I'm sure many of us would be willing to pay extra for this capability. I know I would. Please update us! Jeff
First-timer (legacy)
I love ShipStation but the biggest issue we run into using this software is how to handle multiple quantity orders. Scan to Verify would solve this hurdle in our fulfillment process. Currently, we print our picklist by category. We look for particular items and then bring them back to the shipping area. if an order has 5 items but we only found 4 then the items are placed on the partial shelf, we leave internal notes as to which products we did find, and the missing product is searched for again. If the item is not found by the time we print again all 5 items print out again on the picklist. Then we end up double pulling the first 4 items again. With scan to verify an awesome feature would be once an item is "scanned" for that order it will grey out and not show up on the picklist anymore. That way we would know which items we currently have found. Those items will not show up on the picklist anymore and we can just focus on the missing item. Also, we would never send out an incorrect item or quantity again. This has to be the next released feature by ShipStation. It just makes so much sense.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add this it would be great feature
First-timer (legacy)
It's been 6 years since this topic opened. Could you please tell us if you ever wish to fulfil this request or simply want people to use groovepacker which is extremely high with a setup fee of $500 and $100 monthly and $50 every user added. Please clarify this it's not a good reputation that this topic has been open for 6 years and no proper reply yet.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi everyone. Efficiently picking and packing your orders is still something we'd like to help with. For now, we're keeping this under review to allow all users to chime in until we've come up with designs or prototypes for you all to see. Thanks for your keeping an eye here for updates.
First-timer (legacy)
We desperately need this functionality. We are looking at other shipping solutions as a result. If you had this, it would fix the only thing that's holding this software back. It's essential in most businesses to have this functionality.