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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We ship a large majority of our orders in multiple packages and currently do so manually by going into the order, clicking "+" next to "Package" to ship multiple packages, and applying a "Package Set". It would save a lot of time to allow multiple packages when creating new "Preset Groups" under the "Products" tab. Currently, it only allows us to preset one package under "Shipping Defaults" when adding a Preset Group. Please also input a "+" button for multiple packages for the Rate Calculator and when creating return labels. These new additions would improve our workflow and the efficiency of using ShipStation.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, to reiterate, please also input a "+" button for multiple packages for the Rate Calculator. This would be a big time saver!
First-timer (legacy)
Agree completely. I spend a lot of time quoting shipment costs for potential customers, but have to do outside of shipstation as its not a real order yet. When the capability for multiple packages is available for existing orders, this would be a great update!!!
First-timer (legacy)
It is a shame that many months later this is still not a feature. Many of our items can ship in as many as 9 boxes. They always ship in the same number of boxes so the pre-sets should allow more than one box. Even 2 would be a welcomed upgrade. Unlimited would be better.
First-timer (legacy)
I hate that I can't quote multiple boxes to ship an order to a customer before they order. I have customers looking for estimates for shipping and doing it box by box is unproductive and labor intensive.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, we need to be able to quote multiple box shipments using the rate calculator. For the cost of ship station, you would think this would have been a standard feature built in. I also would think shipping multiple box shipments would be easier allowing you to select a package and not having to input the package size when using "Package Sets". Seems like someone just forgot to add that when they built the tool.
First-timer (legacy)
Seems like this is going overlooked, but having a "+" in the rate calculator would help a lot.
First-timer (legacy)
NOT SURE WHY YOU CLOSED MY OTHER IDEA... Your suggestion did not answer the issue for my idea. Creating package sets do not work for many people. you wont always have the same type and size packages for customers. This is almost impossible in my industry. You shouldn't close an idea without asking if your "suggestion" even takes care of the issue. IT WOULD BE HELPFUL to be able to use the presets for packages when having Multiple Packages, vs having to enter dimensions each time. You can have preset packages for single package shipments, why not multiple package shipments. Preset package groups doesn't work for what I mean.
First-timer (legacy)
First-timer (legacy)
Almost all my orders consist of multiple packages (over 90% of them). As of now, Shipstation doesn't allow to prefill the weights and dimensions of multiple packages for you. It will work only for one package. I was told there were several workarounds, however, they are all severely lacking and here's why. Workaround 1: Using "Package Presets" and why it doesnt work. Package Presets with a hotkey allows you to program ONE very specific scenario of a package with set dimensions and weight. However, I have 1500+ products all with different weights and dimensions. And a customer can order 2 or 3 packages which could be any combination of those 1500+ products. Hotkeys also dont seem to work for multiple packages. Workaround 2: Using " Apply Package Set" and why it doesn't work. So once you click on the "+" sign to go to the multipackage window there is a button to create and apply package sets. You can create a package set that has more than one package, however this is not gonna work for me. I have 1500+ package sizes/weights. I cannot possibly program every combination. Just 2 package combos alone is 1500*1500 = 2,250,000 combinations. Then I would have to select one of the 2 million options from a drop down menu? No way not gonna work. Workaround 3: Using "apply package set" with a limited scope and why it doesnt work. Alright, then one support person told me to do this instead. Just create a few package sets with partial data filled out and it is what it is. Yeah, that is not gonna help me out because of all the combinations i could have. Workaround 4: Using Automation Rules. Well this is a nice idea but here is why it wont work. You can create automation rules that combine two items into 1 package which is cool, I can create a few common rules to help me out here. However, you can't do anything with these rules to ship 2 packages as 2 packages. It can only consolidate down to 1 package. So, its not going to accomplish what i need still. Conclusion. The need for something this basic seems so fundamental that how can I be the only company that needs this function? Surely this is something very rudimentary needed by other companies. Is it because other companies are too small and will just type in the dimensions manually? We ship approximately 100-200 shipments a day during our busy season. It takes my ship manager approximately 8 hours to ship everything. The majority of his time is manually inputting the weight and dimensions for multi package shipments that should be automatically propagating. I estimate he could do it in 4 hours if this feature existed and it would save me tens of thousands of dollars in labor each year. Is it something else? Is there a problem programming it where its difficult? It seems that this should be an easy program to me but maybe I'm wrong? Well, I'll say this. We use T-Hub as our shipping platform and 1 year ago we did a trial with ship station to see if we liked it better. It didnt have this functoin a year ago so we stayed with T-Hub for that alone. Now my programmer wants to use an app called Zappier that works with Ship Station and not T-Hub so I am giving Shipstation a second look at possible switching but again running into the same issue, so Im not sure if i will switch or if i do switch not sure if I wont be looking for something better tomorrow.
First-timer (legacy)
This is the single reason we are not yet customers and continue to use Shiprush. The only way shiprush is better is for multi-package quoting. Shipstation developers, please put me out of my misery. Please let me give you money.