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We need to split one large corporate order to ship items to multiple branch locations. Split Ship does not give us the option to change the delivery address for each split order individually. Example: an order from corporate for 350 items with different quantities shipping to 48 different addresses. Splitting quantities is simple enough but if you change the address/contact name on one, it changes for all. Split Ship doesn't allow a different address for each split shipment. "Configure Shipment" should include changing the address as an option. This feature worked on the previous version. Am I missing something? It looks as though I'll have to manually create each of the 48 "split" orders to input different addresses. That is a lot of extra work.


Hello there @SalaD


You are correct that split shipments do not currently allow shipments to go to different addresses. For this, you would want to import different orders for each address. My recommendation for uploading a big corporate order, like you have described here with many different address, would be to do so via CSV Import. This will allow you to set all of those different addresses/orders on a single import. Please check out this Knowledge Base article about CSV Imports to review that process!


I hope this helps! 🙂

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This is so annoying. I've been dreading the day we were going to be forced to use the new layout, and now is here. It is almost like SS took 1 step forward, 2 steps back from a user/feature experience.


Not only the split order experience is worse due to lack of the ability to change addresses, but you can't modify order items once the order is split. SS solution: go add extra work with managing csv/import files.


Everyone in my team is hating this new experience, is making the process slower and more cumbersome.


Can you add the feature to duplicate an order? Not perfect, but it would be a better workaround plus making it easier with creating replacement orders.