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Status: New

We would like to suggest being able to create a tag for orders that come through or a first-time buyer to our site.  We would like this function because we want to be able to add a thank you into the package of our new customers to thank them for shipping with us.  Having this tag will help our Online team separate the order that should get the thank you to make things easier for our warehouse team. 

New Contributor

I also would like the same thing, and would like to add 2nd and 3rd time etc.  So we can market accordingly.  

New Contributor

Yes please.  This should be definitely be a feature.  You could use the automation of previous orders = none.

Occasional Contributor

This would be extremely useful, does anyone have experience with filtering by the number of orders a customer has placed? 

New Contributor

Recently started using ship station and really need the ability to identify first orders!  Any progress with this request?  

New Contributor

Hi, yes I ended up hiring someone to fix it.  It took him a good amount of time to figure it out.  I have woocommerce.  I found the guy on codeable and his name is Yakubu Shehu.