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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We sell items by weight, so when someone purchase 1.25 lbs it shows up as a quantity of 1.25. Shipstation rounds this up to a quantity of 2 which makes all our packing slips and international shipping labels incorrect. When a person purchases 1.25 lbs at $80 for instance their international shipping label should show they spent $100 but instead Shipstation rounds it up to $160. This is inaccurate and they will then possibly be liable for duties on something they didn't buy. I don't understand why you wouldn't allow decimal points in the quantities. If you did this it would make all our reporting in Shipstation accurate and usable, instead it's inflated and unusable. Please do this soon so we don't have to look for an alternative shipping solution.
First-timer (legacy)
We desperately need this! My cart (WooCommerce) supports decimal quantities but when they get imported into ShipStation the quantity and total price for each line item gets modified and rounded up. For example, the order in WooCommerce shows product ordered is 1.25 qty but in ShipStation it gets rounded up to 2 qty. The price is also being recalculated in ShipStation so now all my orders show that the customer paid less than the order total. I do not understand why this was suggested 5 years ago but still not implemented. This request says it is still under review and no decision has been made. ShipStation, if this is something that is not possible please let us know so we can find an alternative solution.
First-timer (legacy)
This is a must-have for us. We sell in case packs to some customers (entered as a quantity of 1 piece) and break up case packs for other customers (entered as a decimal). There is no way to import our orders directly from our accounting system to ShipStation if a decimal is detected so now we are at a standstill...
New Contributor
We love shipstation and all the time saving implements it has to offer, but this is one area that can be a pain for us. We sell most of our items based on exact weights and have to use decimals on our woocomerce site to reflect this. When orders are exported to shipstation however, shipstation cannot handle the decimals and rounds up product quantities, which can make things very confusing on customer tracking emails because it shows inaccurate order quantity totals for them. If this could be fixed that would be great as this is the only real issue we have with shipstation. It can be a pain receiving phone calls from customers that are upset because they think we screwed up their order, especially during the busy holiday season.
First-timer (legacy)
This is also a feature we are still looking for. Our products are also sold by weight and having decimal points would be very helpful especially for inventory control
First-timer (legacy)
This is a must for us, too. Or we at least need a way for the quantity to come over as a note so that we can verify.
Occasional Contributor
We don't have many items with fractional quantities, but we do need to manually import orders from another system on occasion. That system always includes decimal points even if they are zero. So a quantity of 5 is exported as 5.00, which ShipStation rejects as an error on import.
Status changed to: Under Review