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Is it possible to import third party account numbers?  I have the data in ShipStation's custom field 1 but automation rules do not appear to allow third party account numbers to be tied to a field.  It looks for a specific account number.  Is there another way to do this?  We perform a significant number of drop shipments and use hundreds of customer shipping accounts.


Hey there @lpratte


Welcome to the community! We are elated you've joined us here 🙂 


Currently the automation system cannot pull from a custom field to fill in that 3rd party shipping account information. However, I absolutely see why this would be desired! 


I'll move this over to our ideas section so that other wonderful community members can vote for potential implementation in the future. 


So there's no way to accomplish it?



Not at this time directly thru automation rules  specifically on a per order basis. The automation available in this way currently would be thru ShipStation account saved 3rd party shipping accounts. This is a potential solution certainly, but with your comment of "hundreds of customer shipping accounts" I wasn't sure that would be a viable option. 


With that in mind, I would love to hear about any creative solutions that any community members have come up with! 

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Can't you just make the shipping account number something that can be a part of the import to begin with? I mean, it's supported in the API, as billToAccount in the Advanced Options Model. It would see trivial for you to add it to the set of importable fields. I came here to post just such an enhancement request since I have 300+ orders for a project, each with a different FedEx account number. Fortunately, I can use the API in a script, but am trying to get away from having to do that and allow/make non-technical colleagues manage this sort of thing.