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We recently introduced UPS SUREPOST as they are nearly 90% better rate then Fedex Smartest (additionally we like many others really suffered from Fedex service/delivery issues, and with their latest restructuring activities, that is not going to get better). Additionally we ship 60% USPS Parcel select, but that is most optimal in the lower zones, lower weight classes (All 1lb+).


While the whole community is desperately awaiting the true Rate-shopping ;

1. cheapest Rate option defaulted 

2. Or showing all selectable Carrier Service rates all in one single view screen (best case alternative )


We are ALL limited to the RATE Calculator. Quite nice (considering we not have 1 and 2), BUT it APPEARS, that the SUREPOST option is not compatible with / showing in the Rate Calculator view / options


This means, that we CANNOT select SUREPOST (at all) there where it would be the Cheaper option versus those that are Displayed!? 


Shipstation - PLEASE enable the UPS Surepost option for the Rate Calculator visibility / options. 

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Hi @fritsh 

I've done all the set up to my connected account in my UPS account that I connected. I've set it to show the SurePost rates, but I'm still getting nothing. I tried restarting as suggested in the help documentation but that didn't work either. Did you ever get any resolution on this?


Hey @fritsh, not sure if this is still a problem for you but integrates with shipstation to do fully automated rate shopping.  We use SurePost and had the same problem and this app fixed it.

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@shippingStuff  I'm not @fritsh, but I'm glad to know to try that. Thanks for the suggestion.