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The error message should tell you WHERE to fix said error. As it stands currently you have no path to fixing the error/how to trouble-shoot. For instance, I got this error message

"The postal code is not valid for the selected Province. Please correct the postal code or select a different province."


Ok fine...but where do you want me to fix this issue?


After a chat with Support, she went into the order itself, and noticed that the city of Montreal was written the French way with an accent (it is a French city after all). She removed the accent, and that seemed to solve the problem. How am I supposed to trouble-shoot this on my own? The error message for one, was talking about a postal code/province issue, not a city issue, and I had no indication it was an error with the customer's address.


It's very frustrating that when you get an error message there, as I have had a few times this week, it doesn't give you any indication of where it is you can fix the issue. I've had to start a chat with Support three times this week because the path the trouble-shoot the issue is so unclear since the update (and I say this as someone who's been using Shipstation for many years). In general, the update feels very buggy, I've gotten 3 different errors in the last week alone.