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Status: Investigating
I would really like Automation rules to apply to orders awaiting payment and on hold. I have an automation rule that tags really large orders 'special order' when they are going to be made to order, rather than picked from inventory. My warehouse software SkuVault, is configured to ignore orders tagged 'special order' in ShipStation. However, because automation rules don't apply until the order is awaiting shipment, that critical tag isn't applied and my inventory is allocated in error. I would love to hear the counter argument for why automation rules shouldn't run for orders that are awaiting payment or on hold.
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There are many automation rules, but currently, there is nothing that allows you to automatically have an email sent out to a customer if their order is sitting in the "awaiting payment" status for let's say over 2 days. For example, I have some ebay buyers that have placed an order, and haven't paid in over 2 days. I need to select "amount paid" on the shipstation dropdown, which I don't think maps to the same thing as "total paid," which is what shows up in shipstation. Regardless, if I do this in filters, the filters appear to catch it, but when I assign automation to the filter, no emails are sent out. I believe this is because the email is not being applied to a new imported item, and I believe there is some specification to not send emails in this fashion.
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I set up the following automation rule: if requested service contains "Go", then add a tag "OK to ship" This is for customer orders shipping on terms (net 30, net 15) which end up in the awaiting payment folder, rather than awaiting shipment. I want these orders to stand out so that the sales desk can let the shipping desk know the order is OK to ship without any added communication after order entry. Problem is that ShipStation doesn't process automation rules until an order is awaiting shipment, so the tag doesn't appear until the shipping desk marks the order "paid" in ShipStation (after emails & talk about shipping the order).
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We have orders that require a custom packing slip that won't show up unless they show up in awaiting shipment. Why can't we have automation rules apply to awaiting payment?
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Automation should be allowed in the awaiting payments queue. For example, when an order was placed x days ago or more and meets specific name criteria, then an email could be sent to an agent. This email would contain the order information set up in a template and notify the agent to contact about payment.
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