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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Option to apply custom formatting to order summary. For example, having a box around products that have quantities over 1 or changing the color/weight (bold) of certain text.
First-timer (legacy)
When filling orders from an Order Summary Report, it makes more sense to have the "qty" to left of "title", rather than across the page. See attached pdf
First-timer (legacy)
anyone ever answer this???
First-timer (legacy)
We print out order summaries in order to fulfill orders. An important field that seems to be missing is the Requested Service column. This tells us if the requested shipping is priority or not. Because this field is missing, we sometimes miss priority shipments. Is there a way to add this field, or is there another report that gives us this information?
First-timer (legacy)
We are also interested in this option. That would eliminate mistakes in packing facility.
Occasional Contributor
We would love to have this functionality.
First-timer (legacy)
I'd love to give more specifics on how this feature would really help our team! Ideally we'd have the ability to write and save a bit of code for custom formatting. We give simple order summaries of the day's orders to our fulfillment team. Having each order listed cleanly on a sheet makes their lives easier and reduces human errors. We need an order summary where the customer name is written on the left hand side, then a list of products for that customer appears on the right. Each product variant and quantity should appear in a neat list. e.g. - Customer Name -- 2 x Product Variant #1 -- 6 x Product Variant #2 -- 1 x Some other product Having extra information listed on the sheet makes it hard for our fulfillment team when they're trying to quickly scan a long list of orders and make sure everything is correct. Our use case is specific to our shipping process, so I'd be really stoked if the customization option offered a small html box with {{ product variant }} style tags, so we can save our own version.
First-timer (legacy)
I have used all of my votes, but please consider this. I came here to suggest this exact topic. number one is the highlighted qty box. number PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE how many votes will it take? I can make another account to vote more if necessary.
First-timer (legacy)
I'd love to be able to customise the Order Summary to pull in any field that is available in the interactive Orders tab e.g. customer email, requested shipping service, gift etc. Personally I'd like to see the email address added to the printable Order Summary underneath the customer's address, but i know other fields will also be highly useful to other companies.
Occasional Contributor
Showing a gift note on the order summary would be helpful for us. Every customer's needs are different. Would be nice if you allowed us to customize it as we see fit.
First-timer (legacy)
For two years people have been asking for a customized order summary report. It should be fairly easy to give us access to customize the form. I would like to use it as a employee sign-off. With that in mind, I would love the ability to have a spot at the bottom of it where they can both sign off that the order has been checked.