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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Please make delivery date accessible via API.
First-timer (legacy)
I would be happy to provide an example of the delivery date but you can't post screenshots here.
First-timer (legacy)
We urgently need a Delivery Date API - we are trying to follow up with our customers asking them to leave reviews for our product - ideally we'd like to do this only a few days after they receive our product so they are still quite excited by it. We would seem very unprofessional if we ended up asking our clients to leave reviews for products they haven't received yet. And since we offer different delivery offerings to almost every country in the world it is impossible to accurately predict the delivery date. Surely this should be an easy task as you already send a "your item has been delivered" emails to our clients?
First-timer (legacy)
We also need this pretty badly. We are trying to create automation rules that are more advanced than the built in rules. So we have some code that runs via webhook. But we can't properly choose a shipping speed and service if we can't know which ones will get there on time. Shipstation has this data, it displays it on the UI and it's even in the data packet on the website. So this could be scraped. But we just need that piece of data exposed in the API to avoid scraping. Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
We try to deliver a personalized experience for all of our customers when they sign up for our product. As a subscription service that requires upfront shipment of a hardware component, we want to deliver timely notifications and messages to our customers upon receiving the shipment. We risk customers unsubscribing if their initial experience is not great. We've been sending the email notification on delivery from your application, but find a single message to a very busy customer is not sufficient. Sending the notificaitons before shipment delivered is confusing to our customers. Additionally, we want to be able to understand the success of our fulfillment operation. This means understanding timeline between sign up --> delivery --> start using product, and how this impacts customer retention and activity. Right now we are missing a huge piece of data in our analysis, delivery. As a startup trying to survive & advance, this small piece of information is hugely valuable. I understand you need to prioritize based on need and customer impact. Exposing an endpoint that retrieves critical shipping data from your storage seems like a no-brainer!
First-timer (legacy)
Also useful would be estimated delivery via api
Occasional Contributor
Reviving this request. This would also be helpful to automate notifications for late shipments. USPS is experiencing delays right now and it would be nice if we could proactively reach out to customers rather than hear from after they've waited a long time and are irritated.
Status changed to: Under Review
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New Contributor

If there was a way to get the estimated delivery date from the API it would be very helpful. Our business sells perishable goods and customers should not be able to choose shipping that is expected to take to long. If there is a way I can't find please share!

New Contributor

This is desperately needed. I have a number of other providers who're trying to convince me to jettison this platform for theirs, because they DO provide estimated delivery date.