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Hi Shipstation.

When my warehouse staff comes in they usually scan the order que for internationals then missing Harmonization codes both in the Orders level and the product level and then check to make sure the description on the order is ok.

As we had a few returns from Australia customs because of descriptions not being descriptive enough we are more vigilant on this. We sell toys and simply tying Toy in the description isnt enough so now we go in and add more details on the Declaration Description field.

my warehouse alerted me that sometimes their changes do not save. I could not replicate the issue until I actually sat with a staff member and noticed they make changes then they click on the next order. This is when changes are NOT saved.

Where I make changes to an order field and then click a different part of the order and it silently saves my changes.

I think you should add a SAVE button or UPDATE  button to the top of the new individual order screen. Clicking around on the screen is still a nice hidden feature to have but it should be easier to identify if an order update was actually saved.

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