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Apply Presets within Multi-Package Shipment Window

New Contributor

Can the "Apply Preset" option be added to the individual packages within the Multi-Package Shipment Window?  Not the entire package set, but the individual presets I have access to in the initial (single-package) window.


For example, I’ve got a number of presets saved: one each for Item A, Item B, etc.  However, since the vast majority of our orders are for an assortment of items picked individually and packaged together in a larger box, the shipments are unpredictable in terms of weights and dimensions.


If I get an order for a box of assorted items that have been picked from our warehouse, along with one or more of the full case items listed above, it would be great if—within that Multi-package Shipment window—I could enter the weight and dimensions for that assorted box, and then apply the Item A preset to Package 2, the Item B preset to Package 3, etc.  Is there any way that this option could be listed along with “Duplicate” and “Delete,” the only current options I’ve got for individual packages within the multi-package window?


Thanks so much!