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How can I make each order default to USPS instead of UPS?

Occasional Contributor

Is it possible to make each order default to USPS shipping when I go to buy my labels? It defaults to UPS unless its something I"ve already bought a label for and chose the option to save for the future. There are many times I almost buy UPS shipping when I want UPS. Is this possible to set up? 



Hello there @Whitewater85


I see you are wanting to make USPS be your default carrier when orders are imported. You can absolutely do this by an automation rule!


Instead of setting a filtering criteria, you can set that "criteria" to be "all orders that import". After that, set the action on the rule to be "Set Carrier/Service/Package" to the carrier/service you'd like to use most often.


I hope this helps! 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hi can you explain a little more in depth how to do this? Thanks !