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Batch Search is Either Completely Broken or Terribly Unintuitive, or a Combination of Both


I just need to vent on how TERRIBLE the search engine is for batches. Am I the only person that needs to search batches? It literally is AWFUL. Pretty sure I recall it being better (like most things) with the previous build. 


Most irritating is when you go and create a search with filters — if you click on ANYTHING, that search filter you created goes away and back to default. Terrible usability. By the NATURE of doing a search you will need to click on something. You look and if you don’t find you need to check another result. But it is now GONE. So you need to re-enter everything again. Not to mention check that other things may have also reverted back to default. They also keep you from option clicking to open a new window to preserve your search results. 


Then SEVERAL times I have had a search reveal NO RESULTS. It will tell me there is no batch to report. Sure. From November to December 2021 I sent no batches out. What is the point of having an unusable and unreliable search? Why not just remove it if it is this badly made. 


Also irritating that it defaults to OPEN batches every time you go to SHIPMENTS and view batches. If I am going to SHIPMENTS, am I not looking for past batches by the very nature of where I am looking? It is minor but just another example of how the team that built this verison of ShipStation know NOTHING about usability. They probably left it to the programmers who shouldn’t have to figure stuff out like this. Was there an actual UI designer on this project?


I HATE this build and were I now so busy right now, I would be spending my time looking for a new provider. Revert back to the old build or let people choose again.


THIS BUILD SUCKS. Unintuitive and LOADED with bugs. 

Thomas Romer

Occasional Contributor

The search function in general is jacked up. In the old version, when you search it would bring up a list of potential results as you type. Now you don't get that at all. To top it off, they seem to have removed the feature that allows you to click on a customer's name and be brought to a list of all their past orders.


I am mystified why they built this. I was fine with the old build. There were a few annoyances like being limited to 5 batches and not being able to name them. That is about all. It didn’t need to be fixed so they went and broke it. 

Thomas Romer