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Crippling Limitation with Automated Returns

New Contributor

Our company was going to turn on branded automated returns portal but the one and only limitation is the most important to all retailers. Companies are limited to one return service option for ALL returns. This means you have to choose what could be your heaviest return and the service required. For us, that is Priority Mail. But we receive a lot of return requests for items weighing under 1lb., which would qualify for First Class Mail. If we used Shipstation's return portal, we would lose a ton of money in shipping costs because everything would ship back to us using Priority Mail. I would say about 75% of our returns would qualify as First Class. The average difference in services is around $4. We process approx. 2,200 returns/exchanges per year. That would be approx. 1,650 returns we are overpaying in service. Or in our case, $6,600 in additional costs. 


Not sure why this isn't a feature, but all automated returns should be calculated by weight of what is being returned. Seems like a pretty simple look up script would solve this. 


Am I missing something?


Occasional Contributor

I have run into that same problem.  I wish there was more flexibility.

Occasional Contributor

I have the same problem. Normally, when shipping via UPS WorldShip software, I would schedule a pickup for the reutrn.

So the customer doesn't have to deal with how to get the packge to the UPS store. I really wish that there were more return options in ShipStation.


I have been posting about this problem for almost a year with no luck.  I have the exactly same less/greater than 1 lb. issue, and every time a customer returns two items, which is more than 1 lb. they get an error to contact us.


Since I see that Parcel Select Ground is now an option (which I hadn't noticed before), I would rather them send items back more than 1 lb with Parcel Select Ground than Priority, since it's cheaper, albeit slower.


There needs to be added customization for Returns Service in the Returns Portal!