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Default printing options in Shipstation Connect

Occasional Contributor

Since using the new design for shipstation, "ShipStation Connect" forgets the default printing settings for packing slips and labels.

  1. Packing Slips should print on our laser printer
  2. Labels should print on our label printer

Nevertheless, since upgrading to the new version, each day we prepare labels and packing slips, choose the correct settings and then have to select the checkbox to "Save as Packing Slip print default" or "Save as Label print default".


After doing this at the beginning of each day, it seems to remember for the rest of that particular day.  But 24 hours later, all is forgotten in ShipStation Connect. It can't recall which documents go with which printer.


Am I the only one?


Occasional Contributor

You're not alone. We have to set up our printers for each work station each morning.