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Feature Request - Items in pack slip for a reship

Occasional Contributor

The new version has removed this and it's a critical part of our business. We reship orders all the time. Our orders are big and expensive. Mis-ships can be very costly for many reasons, not the least of which is customer trust. 


I have no idea why on earth anyone would want to reship an order with no items in the pack slip. Seriously. Why. This makes we want to punch a hole in my monitor and fire Shipstation off into the Sun. 


The suggested workaround - to create a manual order with the items in it - is a joke. Adding the items to the internal notes will get me by until I find a better shipping solution. 


Please put this functionality back in. In the meantime I am looking for new shipping software. 



Yes!  For me the biggest issue with this is that the items, then, do not show on the pick list.  I work with my product alphabetically, and there is no way if I have an order for 37 items that I can possibly write them in where they go on the pick list without wasting a ton of time.  Then actually having to figure out which products go on that order is awful.