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I'm having trouble assigning our UPS account numbers, to their specific ship from locations.

New Contributor

Good day,


I have warehouses across the country. Each one, has its own UPS Account #


I have all the ship froms loaded & all the UPS#s loaded


Each warehouse has a unique login, but if one changes the primary UPS account, it changes for all logins/locations,


How can the specific UPS acct #s be assigned to specific ship froms, or even just selected, when processing manually?




Howdy @KNG


Thanks for reaching out in the community! We are so happy to have you with us 🙂 


When it comes to setting those different accounts based on the Ship From address, we do have a some options!


The first option I would recommend is to have the applicable UPS service/account selected directly from the SERVICE drop down. You'll see that each UPS account has its own list of available services connected (for example different lists for "Beardstown" and "Arcade"). You can see this option by scrolling down in that SERVICE drop down menu on each order. 


Alternatively, Once you have a UPS service selected on any orders, you should be able to see a SHIPPING ACCOUNT section under "Other Shipping Options" where you can select the proper account or apply a 3rd party shipping account if needed. 


Currently the Ship From default and the Shipping account used there cannot be connected automatically without an Automation rule. If you were using information about the importing orders to assign the Ship From Location, the action of that automation rule could be to apply a specific Service/confirmation and then which account it should go to. You can also learn about those Automation Rule Criteria options here for what you may be able to base that rule on.


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!