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Is Shipstation in BETA? This is Ridiculous...


We have been using Shipstation for a few months now, and almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, we have some type of technical issue. This is absolutely unacceptable. Is your software in beta? We have issues with scanning products, printers, scales, logging in, etc... so much that we are now considering other shipping solutions. Does anyone else constantly have issues? Fixing 3 or 4 work stations everyday is expensive for our IT guy to diagnose. Even if we wanted to rename a workstation or change log-in details, it seems to break peripherals in shipstation connect... What's the solution here...


Shipstation needs to set an expectation of these things, Im sure that shipstation has outages here and there, and NOTHING is ever posted or sent out warning of this. Leaving our IT guy self diagnosing before calling, if we would have know there was an outages, it probably would have saved a big bit of time...


Hey there @NEV


I understand the frustration you're feeling and im sorry thats been your experience so far. It is our mission to make the best product we can as we move into the future! 


I assure you, this feedback you've shared is absolutely being reviewed by our teams. When running into these issues in the future, we certainly hope to hear you from so that we can have some attention brought to the behaviors you are experiencing. 


When it comes to notifications of any outages, I certainly understand the need to be notified sooner than later. With that in mind, it would be my recommendation to follow our socials (Twitter etc), and our Status Page if you do not already! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


It used to be good, but unfortunately, the new platform they pushed this year, is a mess. If I were a new customer, I would run... For older customers, it's much harder to switch to a new platform. 


We've been in testing for months now and still haven't gone live.
We're experiencing many of the same issues as you.
Shipstation connect is available one minute and not the next.
Our Magento integration quit integrating shipments to the site with no error or warning.
The interface is SOOOO flakey with configuration screens showing blank information, entry screens jumping around so you can't tell where or what you're trying to enter, support tickets that are either automatically set to "solved" or go unanswered for weeks in spite of follow-ups, incomplete logic for automation rules.
Whenever I see a Shipstation commercial on TV, I tell my wife, "Sure, it works if you're selling homemade beard grooming products out of your garage like the guy in the commercial. But if you're any bigger than that, forget it!"
We haven't even gone live yet and already I'm window-shopping alternatives.

What other software are you looking into? We are def not anywhere near a beard product company out of a garage! haha