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List All Location Availability

Occasional Contributor

It seems at least one of the main purposes of ShipStation is to ultimately send orders to the location that has available inventory.  I constantly find myself having to memorize which of our 6 locations has the inventory or slowly scroll through the Ship From locations to see who has available inventory.  Am I unaware of a feature that shows this on one screen so I can quickly choose.  Imagine if it defaulted to the closest location or even the location with availability and the best rate.  If not, please at least show all the location's availability instead of just showing availability for the one location in the Ship From field.  


Hello there @GSC


Thanks for taking the time to post in the community about this desired feature update! Your participation is greatly appreciated. 


The functionality that you are describing here does not exist in ShipStation at this time, but I certainly see how helpful an update like this could be! Please feel welcome to post about this in our product feedback forum! This is the best place to ensure that our product team sees your idea and is able to consider it for potential implementation as we move forward. 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!