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Inventory and Aliases

New Contributor

I have inventory and some products has Aliases. Main Product A and Allisa Aa. Packing list will print location for main product but not for aliases. It will subtract stock from main product once Alias product ship but will ot print location for Aa (Alias) Product on Packing Slip.  Can somebody explain that. What is a point of aliases if i have to manually search location for its location.  



Hello @HejnarPhoto!


Thank you for your post. After speaking with support, it looks like this is working as intended. You will want to create a standalone product. I recommend that you contact to discuss some alternatives. 


The aliases link those other products to the main one, so all aliases should be tracked through the main product. It seems like the feature doesn’t work how you need it to. 


I know support will be able to assist you with this. 


Happy Shipping!