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New Feature Requests

New Contributor

We ship out a lot of Amazon packages each week, about 2,000. We have been shipping everything on Veeqo. They have a few things that make shipping a bit more simple. I was hoping we could get these features added to ShipStation so we can return to using you as our primary shipping resource. These features are listed below.

1) Sync and pull orders from Amazon more often. Veeqo updates the orders roughly once a minute, while ShipStation can take upwards of 2 hours.

2) Ship-by dates. On Veeqo, each shipping service shows what day the package will be delivered, and shows if it will be delivered on time according to Amazon's requirements. These dates are color-coded and help keep our staff from making mistakes that could jeopardize the health of our Amazon page.

If you have any questions please let me know.