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New Layout

New Contributor

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old layout, so why fix it?

I happen to be in a position where we have 2 shipstation accounts, the first in the old layout and the 2nd stuck in the new layout.

Hands down, everyone here hates the new layout.  The old layout is far superior in our opinion.

Did you just nee something for your developers to do?  Or what was the deal?  Seems to me, and everyone here that has used both layouts, that it was fixing something that didn't need to be fixed.

What EXACTLY is the benefit of the new layout?  Please tell us so that we can see if it actually is a benefit or not.



I have to agree with you. I have been playing around with the new layout and I'm not a fan either. I far prefer the Legacy style layout. The following is a link showing all of the differences between the old and the new:


Super User
Super User

If you want to change back to the old layout, it is hidden within the "Give Feedback" button. The biggest reason we switched to the new layout is for the "split shipment" functionality. During the pandemic we had to start shipping orders with multiple items from different locations and this system was really helpful to manage that. change_layout.PNG

I tried to find this "Give Feedback" in our shipstaion and couldn't locate it anywhere on the browser page. 

Is there another location this could be hidden? 


give feedback.jpg

Howdy @SportTime


When you posted and showed that you were missing this "Give Feedback" button, I snapped into action. I have gotten with my team and had a backend adjustment made so that you should now have that access. 


You may need to log out and back in to see this adjustment. 


I hope this helps 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Wow Davis! That was fast! 👍


Happy to be of service my friend! We are moving towards the new layout that you were used to seeing across the board, but I am happy to provide this access for as long as its still available.


Happy Friday! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Can I please get help with the same? I have no give feedback link.

Do not have the feedback option..Guess that was a part of the new layout...get rid of it.

What I found is you have to start a support ticket and ask directly to get access to the Old Layout - they will enable something on your account and then the feedback option shows up so you can switch to the Old Layout.

Same issue, no give feedback link. Seems some accounts are forced to the horrible new layout.

Occasional Contributor

Im having the same issue


that seems like something that could have easily been implemented with out changing the entire layout though right? 


I do not understand why the NEW LOUSY LAYOUT... The previous one was so well layed out and seamless. They just moved stuff around and have made it really no-intutiive.  Change for the purpose of change is really what happened here!!!!  They should atleast give the option for staying in the old format.  This has actually slowed our process. 


100% Agree -- How can they roll out something thats sooo slow and disorganized??  They literally broke a masterpiece...  it was perfect.  And the new layout is just a hot hot mess and im dreading the day they force us to convert to it

Hello @Bison


This decimal issue that you mentioned is actively being worked on and tested for resolution. I don't have an exact ETA on its release at this time, but I know that we are approaching resolution on this behavior. As soon as I have word back on an update, I will post here! 🙂 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

New Contributor

Before you roll it out, at least fix it where if you enter 0.75 in the lbs field it converts to 0 lbs and 12 oz.
This broken feature has cost us so much money with users entering seemingly random numbers but when we look into it is because you broke this feature with the new layout.

Occasional Contributor

I was forced to migration today. I absolutely hate this layout period. It doesn't work correctly.


Immediately it was very unclear to restore an old order and when I did figure that out ( click create new shipment) it will restore to awaiting shipment, however all original order data is removed. This is so frustrated. That is one minor example of a broken function previously working correctly. If I am required to learn new ways to get the same features I had then I might as well find a new provider.


I opened a support ticket stating I want to go back to old layout period. I also made it clear I will be cancelling if not done. There are far too many options in the marketplace, if I am going to have to change then I will partner with a company that listens to it consumer base.


We have a voice and a choice! If enough people speak out maybe they will listen. The question I guess is will that be too late? I absolutely hate being forced into this position.


I am sincerly not trying to be negative to the company, but simply have to make the best business decision possible and use partners that are exactly that, a partner who provide tools and services that I purchase because they work right!




Occasional Contributor

what's up with the stupid tile's that pop up on the top right corner, hate it 

another issue is manual bulk order upload, you can no longer drag and drop the file.,  

Literally all the New Layout does is remove or convolute every existing feature in a way that causes work stoppage.


The new layout it so visually BUSY. Couldn't SS just apply the new changes to the old layout rather than reforming a new site? Amongst other reason, I really don't like the direction this is headed. It seems this way in every form of tech, change for the sake of change and novelty, not for the sake of actual improvement. What are these MAJOR features of change with the new site anyways? What are the benefits even supposed to be?