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Notify customers if you are taking away a major shipping carrier

New Contributor

We ship with FedEx everyday and it was working until yesterday afternoon. This morning I opened Shipstation and found out that FedEx had been completely taken away from the account. I contacted support and confirmed that Shipstation's standard plan no longer includes FedEx. If I choose to use my own FedEx account, that will cost me an extra $20/month.

I am very unhappy for two things:

1. Shipstation has made several changes in the last few months. First they started to charge if I use my own carriers. Fine, I cut out the carriers from Shipstation.

2. Shipstation took away FedEx and never even sent me an email or notification or warning. This is unacceptable.

I have a small business and $20/month is significant. It is also not acceptable to receive no notification from the vendor when a major change or disruption is being made. What is going on? I am ready to look elsewhere and move away from Shipstation.