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Old Layout vs New Layout


I personally would like to formally ask that the old layout be brought back. Everything was perfectly easy to find and navigate and the new layout is just too much going on. The feature I liked most was the creating labels process in the old layout. If they can bring that back to the new one, I would greatly appreciate it.


Occasional Contributor

I agree 100%. The old layout was easy to navigate and simple to understand. I have lost a major feature that we use with every order in the new layout vs the old layout. 

The price comparison in shipping costs btw usps and ups was given automatically on our screen so we don't have to click any extra buttons or question which carrier is going to be the least expensive for the order or the quickest shipping time. This is costing us extra time and thus money which shouldn't be the case. I have screenshots explaining the difference that I'd love to post but I am not able to post them here. I contacted ShipStation to see how to revert back to the old layout but alas they told me to go fly a kite and it was not an option. I really think if they're going to "upgrade" they should also include ALL the features of the previous layout, with added features in the new layout. Don't eliminate something that I'm sure other folks are using as well.