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Order picking

Occasional Contributor

We have been using shipstation for years, and one of the features we have needed and as we grown and have more shipping employees we need more efficiency options.  We need a way within the order for a shipper that is working on an order  say the order has, 5--christmas tree, 3 candy canes, 4 hats, 2 eyes and the shipper is pulling the items and he is short 1 candy cane.  We need the ability to mark on that line item that it is in waiting for that part.  This way anyone else who looks can see this order is waiting on a part and when that part is available it can be grabbed and be shipped.  But that would also mean the other items would need to be able to be checked off that they are pulled preferrably by the quantity.  So this can also serve as when a customer emails if they didn't receive something customer service can look up the order and see if it was checked off on.  Right now we are and have been doing this by printing every packing sheet and writing on them and going back and forth looking for papers and it is slowing down our shipping department and not very efficient.  We really need something like this to help shipping with processing these orders.