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Parent sku


Question about parent skus/alias sku and current feature in that regards of ship station

Our company use "virtual skus". For example, we can sell a dog collar red size L and the sku is M-001, and we also sell the matching leash L-001. Customers can buy these items separately (order comes with M-001 and L-001), so pretty basic. However they can also buy the bundle (dog collar + leash). In our current system, when the order comes for a bundle, it comes with a "kit sku", or virtual sku, in this case, S-001. When our system receives the sku S-001 it automatically breaks it down in the variant skus. It would recognize that an order with S-001 sku matches for inventory item M-001 (dog collar) and L-001 (leash) to be included in the order. Does the ship station parent sku feature addresses this issue? Will ship station correctly allocate M-001 and L-001 and deduct it from inventory to an order that comes to shipstation with a bundle sku. S-001>>> meaning M-001 (dog collar Large + L-001 (leash)
S-002>>>>> meaning M-002 (dog collar XL) + L-001 (leash)

2. updating stocks to Amazon via api

When fullfiled by merchant, (us), amazon will automatically cancel the order within 48 hours if the item is not shipped. so we want to only sells items in stock. So we want shipstation to update inventory of the matching skus in amazon. How do we do this?

Many warehouse manager software offers  the virtual skus ability and stock updates within paltforms such as Logiwa or Extensive. However they are expensive and if we are not a warehouse (and we don't need the client billing ability), we would pay an expensive software for features we don't use. We would love for shipstation to offer these 2 crucial features but if they don't offer it, we will be stuck with more expensive software


On your virtual SKU use case, please checkout the idea post HERE about Bundling products. We are working on a feature that may help solve this problem. We'd love your input and there's also a link to join our early access when the feature is ready! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!