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Status: Planned
We have a few websites that sell products to wholesalers. For example we will sell a case of a single SKU. Each case has 12 units. It would be nice if SS could allow us to setup virtual bundles that deducted multiple units of a single SKU.

What is the road map for this planned feature?


ShipStation devs, what is the story here? How many more years do you need to implement a feature that clearly many of your customers need? It is keeping new customers away, and will eventually drive current customers like us to other systems. You acquired ShippingEasy a couple of years ago. That system has a product catalog that allows users to create the relationship between a group/bundle/kit product SKU and the individual product SKU's that are rolled up into that group. Why is this so difficult? Today I received another survey from you asking more silly questions about whether I want to be able to pay for my pre-paid labels with credit card or PayPal. We know how to pay for labels. We need real functionality improvements. Get on it!