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Status: Completed
We are Seller Fulfilled Prime Amazon account. We need to see the Amazon Delivery by Date in order to select the cheapest UPS shipping method.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add the Delivery by date information under the "Ship By" date in the order window, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY add the ability for a seller to add a column to the "Awaiting Shipment" page so the Delivery By date can be easily seen for the overview page and we do not have to open each individual order. Thank you!
It would be most helpful if ShipStation would enable the ability to import the Deliver by Date to the packing slips.
First-timer (legacy)
This is very important info needed upon shipping. it will be our decision whether to stay on this platform or look for an alternative.
First-timer (legacy)
What Matt Collins said! We'd love to be able to sort orders awaiting shipment by delivery date. Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
Better yet, in order to facilitate carrier/service selection once we know the 'deliver by' date: If SS factored in the standard USPS / UPS / Fedex zones and transit times by zip code and allowed these to be used as criteria in the automation rules, it would save my team 100's of hours. IE - if USPS PM is 3 day transit time, choose FC instead || if USPS PM is 2 day transit time, choose PM or if UPS zone 4-6 choose 3-day, if zones 1-3 choose ground The only other option is to create a huge number of rules based on 5K different zips codes AND carrier AND service options, which i don't think SS can even support and is not realistic. This would allow me to automate carrier/service selection and review carrier OTD so I can 1) proactively reach out to the customer to address the delay, 2) easily compile and submit guaranteed service claims to the carrier, and 3) review OTD metrics by carrier for QBRs and decision making.
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This is a critical column needed for seller fulfilled prime, and should be easy to add. Is this field available in the API?
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Was this ever added? This would be the only reason I have found so far to stop using Ship Station for Amazon. I can see "requested service" but not deliver by date. Missing deliver by dates directly affects your seller rating on Amazon and hurts your buy box percentage eligibility. It seems like the only place I can see this is in Amazon's "Buy Shipping" screen.
First-timer (legacy)
Amazon Prime utilizes a Deliver By Date that currently cannot be seen in ShipStation. Orders that are delivered out of that window can negatively affect our metrics. It would be nice if ShipStation could show the deliver by date range so that my team and I don't need to have amazon orders open separately. Having both pages open defeats the purpose of using ShipStation as a primary shipping method.
Status changed to: Investigating
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It looks like a duplicate of this idea was completed. The idea Add Amazon Delivery By Date was completed in February of 2022, but this idea is still hanging around with the "investigating" status. 


@Moderator-Davis please take a look to see if this should be completed.