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Printing More than 3 Label Messages Per Shipping Label


We have a store where we ship many SKUs per shipment (generally 3-8) and because Shipstation can only print the first 3 SKUs on the shipping label, this adds a lot of extra labor/errors cross referencing with pack slips.


I get that there is a limit on the space in the label messages, but could easily fit a few more SKUs there by adjusting font & adding columns. 


TLDR - It seems quite feasible and would great if we could add more 3 label messages per shipping label 


Occasional Contributor

I have used Shipstation since 2016, and I have been waiting for this feature for a long time.  I know other customers have expressed this desire a while ago as well.  I can deal with the 26 character limit and even default font and text size.  I would just like the ability to add up to 6 Skus.  Right now, Shipstation doesn't even have an option to add [SKU #4], [SKU #5], [SKU #6], etc., even though we have more than 3 lines to play with for label messages.  I am trying to cut down on printing packing slips, so printing directly on the shipping label would be a huge help with reducing paper waste.  Please at least give us Sku 4-6 as an option!  Thanks!