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Reporting - item/sale values

Occasional Contributor

Just thinking that Shipstation sale values should be based off the amount "total paid" by the customer in the "Order summary" and not the total value of the Shipment items. in "Order Items" section.


Currently running into issues with Woocommerce bundles feeding data to Shipstation, where the items in the bundled product are not being imported so my sale numbers are not recognized properly.

It's an unusual situation, but I think my suggestion would make reporting more "robust", "cleaner data". Another example where I believe my suggestion is valid, if I have a discount on the bundle, this doesn't get recognized by Shipstation so the Sales Reporting will be inflated. 


Occasional Contributor

Apologies, when i say sales numbers, I do not mean product sales figures but "Sales Trends" in the Insights Tab menu.