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Returns export discrepancies

Occasional Contributor

We use a branded returns portal on our website and it gives us the option to have customers select the reason for an order return. ShipStation tells us that we can run a Returns Export that includes the return reason, yet this doesn't appear to exist. Along with a list of return reasons, there is a link (highlighted below in yellow) to another ShipStation resource page titled Static Reports, with Returns Export being one of the topics. No where in this process does it talk about return reasons or how to export them.

It appears that ShipStation gives us conflicting resources so I'm hoping that anyone else can chime in and tell me if they have managed to export return reasons.-

Page that lists return reasons - updated in January 2024 

Screenshot 2024-01-30 165211.png


Occasional Contributor

UPDATE - The export exists but the process is not explained in the Returns Export article. Instead, it's explained in the Branded Returns Portal article, which I have linked below. This is a miss on ShipStation's part because they aren't linking the correct resources together.

Branded Returns Portal