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Create and Save Return Without Making a Label?


I'm trying to track returns and categorize them efficiently so we can have better data on our return rate, but we do not send labels to our customers for returns, they just buy their own. 

Regardless, being able to split one item off of a big order and classify it as a return would really help me to automatically export the returns and calculate the cost of refunds, frequency of different items being returned, etc. 

I just couldn't figure out a way to save some items from an order as a return without making a return label, I assume there's some sort of workaround as clearly not everyone sends return labels. I haven't tried it but I could likely create a label, make my notes and such, and then void it and have the return be saved, but I would rather not do things that way if at all possible. 

Let me know how to manage this! Thank you.