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Scan packing slip to confirm packing

New Contributor


I do a lot of my orders via the mobile app as i am out and about a lot. Only problem with this is the shipstation connect software. The amount of times it randomly crashes, ends up stalling, and i have to get back to my pc and end the task and restart it can be a problem. Sometimes it just randomly doesnt send a label to the printer.

It would be nice if there was a way to send orders to a separate section where they have to be scanned to confirm they have been packed. I don't need to scan a bunch of products, i just need to confirm that order has been packaged and sent out the door.

So the workflow would be

Order imported from eCommerce store > Label Created & Order sent to "Yet to be packaged list" > Label & Packing Slips Printed > Pack order and scan packing slip > Order gets moved to completed section.

Hope this makes sense. Doing my best to describe what i am after.