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Serious malfunctions for Australian users


Why Aussie users have serious malfunctions and limited options?

Myself, I have been using this limited functional program for over the year with heaps issues but never solved them on time or fixed it at all.

1. There aren't real "contact us" instructions. They are outdated pages and extracted answers from outdated help pages when I ask why I can't use "CONTACT US" burton.

2. Can't connect Amazon ES (Spain), and got the answer that says ask Amazon support. ??? Do you have any ideas how Amazon seller support works?

3. Shipment confirmation never worked properly and never intend to correct the function over the years.

4. Tracking update never worked and never intend to correct them over the years.

5. Missing import orders from Amazon markets. waiting and waiting BUT still paying subscription fees without any compensations for my time loss.


What is Shipstaion doing in Australian users?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @aussieseller


Welcome to the community, we are so happy to have you here.


I am sorry to hear that you have had this experience. I hear you and I have provided this feedback to the relevant leadership. Since other members of the community will unlikely be able to assist I am going to DM you so we can look into the actionable items listed in this post. 



Thank you again for your candor. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager