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Shipstation constantly log me out


Why does Shipstation constantly log me out on my 6 year old large tower pc, much too large to fit in your pocket, but on my cell phone that would easily fit in anyone’s pocket Shipstation never logs me out?

I don’t get it


Hey there @shipping


Thank you for posting in the community! Without accessing your computer to find out directly, my first instinct would be to check how quickly the computer goes into a "sleep" or "power saver" type mode. I would also maybe double check the browser that is being used has had it's cache/cookies cleared recently. I'm not positive that is the issue, but it could be a good place to start! 🙂 


Additionally, are you seeing it log out after specific actions are taken? Any additional details of that variety may help myself or another community member attempting to assist. 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


Power saver is off, it does go to sleep after 30 minutes

haven't cleared cache or cookies for months

It did it again today after setting for an hour or so

 check "keep me logged in" makes no difference

Howdy @shipping


I would still recommend clearing cache and cookies, as I know that has solved several different issues i've had in the past. 


With that in mind, I would also recommend to document the full details of these instances and reach out to our Support department either in app or via for additional support.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!