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View Repeat Customers at a Glance


Is there any way to see (without hovering over each one) which orders that are Awaiting Shipment are from repeat customers? ShipStation can show it hovering over an order, so you should be able to make a sortable column with a checkbox or something like that. If there isn't a way to do this, consider this a feature request.


Occasional Contributor

I agree. Knowing an order is from a repeat customer is a good way for us (and the warehouse) to show a little extra love to a customer for their loyalty (so we can give free product, hand written message, etc). Customers have alot of options out there and when we can set our self apart from the competition with a show of gratitude to that customer, it goes along way with building that long term/repeat relationship with customers.
Having to manually search the customer’s name to see if they have ordered before is too time consuming for the warehouse. It would be nice to see some indicator on the order when the order is from a repeat customer.