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Why still no ability to search by customers phone number


May I please ask why ShipStation does not have the ability to search for a customer or an order by entering their phone number in the search? I am fairly certain that many many years ago I could do this. And right in the main search box, I didnt even have to click advanced search.


Search by phone number should have been a feature since day 1.  You go anywhere and to look you up they ask you for what??? For your phone number, yes!  its easier than by name, when customers call you can immediately look them up, people often order items under other names etc.


This feature has been upvoted and "under review" since 2016.  After 6 years you seriously still are reviewing it?  Maybe instead of forcing out a V3 instead of leaving alone a perfectly working platform, we'd have additional features that most people would consider basic must-have features.


Alerts are the ability to see when packages are stuck in transit, delayed, or lost.  That helps the customer and us.

Auto-select the lowest price shipping from all carriers.

the list goes on and on of great ideas that seem to be lost in the ether!


You clearly do not take into consideration the customer's voice, I believe that in the beginning your software was designed by shippers for shippers, but that has certainly changed to our software is designed by software engineers for shippers.  I really hope you get back to your roots and actually start implementing features that we want and not features that you want for us.  I looked through the ideas section and there's ideas in there with tons of votes that are 8 years old 10 years old.  Why even have an idea section at that point. What is going on! Where is the passion you once had!