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We are facing such a problem that if we want to adjust the order in our e-store, the information arrives at our shipstation and the order is updated, but the problem is that this information does not reach our 3PL partner and the order information is not updated at their shipstion and remains only original order without any updated information.


After that, we face various inconveniences:

  1. That we have to close the old order and create a new order if we want this order to be seen in the 3PL partner's shipstation with good information
  2. That we have to ask our partners to prepare the order with them in shipstion


Since there is no update of information from our shipstion and our partner shipstation, it creates a lot of manual work and a lot of opportunities for human error and then the integration loses its meaning.


So my idea would be to do automatic order update between shipstation and 3PL shipstation.


I would really like to see such an idea implemented as soon as possible to solve these problems.