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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Please add U-PIC insurance ( since it is cheaper than ShipSurance and hassle free to file a claim.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, please add U-Pic as an option as they also cover claims for USPS in which the package is scanned in as delivered but the customer never received it. Shipsurance does not cover these situations which do happen quite often with mis-deliveries and stolen packages. Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
We have been with U-Pic for over 10 years. Outstanding shipping insurance company with great rates and customer service. Adding U-Pic to ShipStation will help create competition to keep shipping rates low.
New Contributor
Please add Upic! As a jewelry seller the current insurance offered by your service is extremely limiting almost like they want an excuse to not cover packages. Upic has outstanding service and I'm surprised you would choose the current company that you have and I refuse to use.
First-timer (legacy)
We also need this one!!!
First-timer (legacy)
When will they add this??