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Status: Under Review
UPS SurePost does not show in the rate calculator when trying to determine the cheapest method for Free Shipping. Can we get all UPS and FedEx US Postal Delivery shipping methods (i.e. UPS SurePost & Fedex SmartPost) to show in the calculator?
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'+1 to this as well. Very surprising it isn't there and makes for needless extra work on checking rates individually.
Also please add UPS simple rate
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We're only able to get SurePost rates by assigned a SurePost method to an existing order, which makes trying to set up rate tables on eBay/Amazon very difficult! We'll need to create test orders at each weight to get averages. When I look up rates on with our account, SurePost does not show up there either. It may be an API limitation, if even UPS can't show SurePost rates on their own rate calculator. I hope there's a fix!
First-timer (legacy)
We need this badly, especially need to be able to get rates and create labels via the API. Right now I'm having to implement a solution with another 3rd party shipping platform whose API supports SurePost functionality. It is outright unbelievable that this is yet to be implemented.

Please for the love of GOD integrate with Facebook marketplace. We ship 200-400 packages a month just on FBM & I absolutely HATE manually inputting these orders.  


Hey guys, I actually created a tool that can be used with Shipstation to prevent you from having to toggle back and forth between the various services / package types (including UPS surepost). We had the same issue in my business so I initially created this tool for my internal use, but just launched a public version. You can check it out at if you are interested.


You can basically set whichever carriers and package types you want it to consider when rate shopping and it will automatically apply the cheapest rate to the order.


Let me know if this helps!




We would like to see this as well. Currently, without a live rate & estimated delivery time it's really risky to chose UPS Surepost as a service. We definitely need this in the rate calculator. 


Agreed with post from 2020 - Almost (2) two years ago

04-23-2020 01:05 PM
Why hasn't this been done yet? The entire point of the program is to show the cheapest rates.
We are ALL spending time & money accommodating this software deficiency.
==> This weakness needs to be escalated on the upgrade roadmap!

Strong +1 for this issue. This deficiency is costing your users tons of time and money. Please address this issue!


This is a must have feature. The API is already there, just add the rates into the rate calculator window so we don't have multiple steps. It's currently clunky and cumbersome and would make the user experience much better and a great feature to help sell the product. This is especially important for the customers that have negotiated rates with UPS and will want to use them easier.