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In Shipstation (referring to as "SS") > Settings > Shipping > Packages > FedEx [under 'manage package type'] there are numerous One Rate® shipping options available to ship through FedEx. One of these options is the FedEx One Rate® Pak.

Our FedEx rep suggested we add the FedEx One Rate® "Small Pak" (a smaller version of the Pak to ship at a lesser cost) to our SS account for this season.

After speaking with SS support, they said this package option is not currently available to add through SS. We are looking to migrate some of our shipping packages to this "Small Pak," but are unable to with SS as it stands. 

You can see the available One Rate® options on FedEx's site here:, and the Small Pak is the only one rate SS does not currently support. Does SS have plans to add this as a shipping option? Or has anyone found a workaround to add this package type? We are looking to ship with the package type for a fair amount of orders this season, but will have to do so outside of SS until this is figured out.

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