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When a shipment is completed it sends to our store details about the shipment, works great. One thing we just found is that if we print labels for the day ahead, our system sends out an email for today's date. I checked our code and found that we're saving the ship_date as today's date because it’s not available in your post to us. Your system does not send us the date of the shipment, it just sends the details, below, so we don't know when it will ship.


Can you add the ship_date field to your post to us please? I do see that it's saved on the shipment.


For example, on this one, we printed the label on 4/28/2022 and it posted to our system on 4/28/2022, so we marked it shipped on 4/28/2022, but really it doesn't ship until 4/29/2022 as shown on your system under shipment 1


array (

'SS-UserName' => 'abc',

'SS-Password' => 'xyz',

'action' => 'shipnotify',

'order_number' => '12345',

'carrier' => 'UPS',

'service' => 'UPS® Ground',

'tracking_number' => '1Z1111111111111',