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I have faced an issue with Amazon customized orders. In the past, when an Amazon customer placed an order with customized details, then In shipstation it comes in the form of a URL in the item description and when we open the URL some files are downloaded. These files contain customized details of the Amazon customer that are also present but now we are unable to receive such a URL with customization details.


Please add this feature again because it makes our work easy and saves a lot of time.




Howdy there @Daataadirect


Thanks for posting in the community! 


While this isn't supported currently, I have confirmed with my team that this is feature is something we are looking to bring back next year! Your patience is greatly appreciated 🙂 

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@Daataadirect if you're looking for a robust solution, here's something I've built. And it has a bunch of cool features:
- Choose where you display the customization: item options, Internal Notes, Customer Notes, etc.
- Include/exclude surface names, item names, quantity, etc.

See the image for current configuration options.