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Status: New

We are a print-on-demand and business printing supplier and need to be able to automatically indicate how many shipments (of) are created during an import or by other account settings for products.

For example, if a customer orders 10000 8 1/2 x 11 Flyers our max carton size is 2500 per carton or 30-32 lbs.

1. Currently, the shipper is expected to split down 4 cartons. This can be taxing with high-order days.
2. Each Packages weight is automatically deducted even though the package weight is a full 30 lbs, completing the split shipment breaks it down to roughly 6 lbs 4 oz per box which the shipper then goes and corrects with each shipment.

Possible routes to implement this feature:
1. Natively support a custom field in the Integration for a "PackIn" or "PackagesOf" field
2. Possibly support with Presets that could be assigned during Integration with a Maximum Shipment Amount
3. Ability to update a product to Include a Maximum Shipment amount to automatically make "shipments of" splits