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We're noticing some issues with FedEx and UPS.


We have business accounts with both carriers that offer us fantastic pricing on our shipping. But we want to make use of Shipstation as a central hub for our logistics team to be able to do everything in one browser account system.

What we're noticing is that with the two carriers we cant schedule pickups unless we use "UPS/FedEx From Shipstation". So if we want to schedule a pickup from Shipstation we have to forfeit our discounts through our account with UPS/FedEx. Instead we have to physically call or chat with UPS everytime we print a label through Shipstation to get a pickup. That's frustrating.


Additionally, we cannot make use of carrier features like Smart Pickup where anytime a label is printed, UPS/FedEx is automatically notified and pickups occur automatically. It's every day or manual requests. That's frustrating.

Are we doing something wrong? Or are these features just not available in the way they were designed by the carriers within Shipstation?


If you go to Setting > Shipping > Carriers & Fulfillment You can manually add your UPS and FedEx accounts. Hit the add a new provider account and enter your UPS of FedEx account number.  From there it gives you a Settings link that opens into a new window allowing you to set a daily pickup, enable negotiated rates, enable consolidation, etc. 

We only use Shipstation Carrier services for our USPS packages and have our UPS and FedEx setup manually to take advantage of our negotiated pricing.

Hope this helps, Cheers!


And we do have all that set up the same way. 

The problem we're facing is that using our UPS and Fedex manual connections removes our ability to request pickup from within Shipstation. They only let Shipstation Carrier UPS/FedEx use the request pickup feature. Chat said that's by design.


So we get the discount we want but then we have to pick up the phone and call UPS to get a pickup which is super inconvenient when there's a feature built in to do that.