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I sell on multiple platforms (amazon, ebay, walmart, and Etsy) but my inventory is stored at amazon's warehouses. The feature I'm requesting is to add support for my multichannel orders to ebay and walmart that would allow amazon logistics to be blocked as a carrier. I can do this manually within my seller central account but that defeats the purpose of shipstation. I have  included a picture that shows the block amazon logistics button highlighted. This feature was added in June of this year as an additional option for multichannel fulfillment.


The reason this is necessary for me is that Walmart and Ebay don't allow amazon logistics as a carrier for orders placed on their platform.


how long will we wait until this will be added?

Occasional Contributor

Dear ShipStation Team,


Please help with the issue above as it's really simple to expand FBA functions inside of ShipStation.

Please follow the next instruction, as this can be done with the Fulfillment Outbound API, using the Under the createFulfillmentOrder operation. Within the createFulfillmentOrder operation there is a parameter called featureConstraints. The feature settings for this parameter include the option to block Amazon logistics from being the carrier for your order. You can see detailed information in our documentation:
Operation: createFulfillmentOrder
You can also refer to the models for examples of the code in use:
Hope your developer team will heps us)

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We need this feature added to ShipStation.

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We need this to be done ASAP to be able to ship Walmart orders directly from ship sation!